The IMS 2020 Project which is coordinated by the Charité University Hospital in Berlin (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin) is a three year Erasmus Life Long Learning project funded by the EU. The project has nine project partners including six top European medical schools (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Université Paris Descartes, University of Antwerp Medical Faculty, Sapienza University of Rome, Karolinska Institutet, Medical University of Warsaw), one Australian medical school (Monash University) and two advisory partners (Brussels Education Services and CHE Consult).


The term Internationalization has become an integral part of university life and yet it is a term that remains unclear. Internationalization is no longer merely a consequence of ever expanding globalization but has taken on a dynamic of its own. Yesterday we spoke of a global world without frontiers and we were slowly forced to consider questions of internationalization. Today people are no longer forced to do so, on the contrary they welcome the chance to look beyond national horizons and learn from their neighbours. In this context internationalization entails an agenda with concrete policies and detailed strategies allowing both players and institutions to communicate and collaborate in the international sphere. This is of particular relevance in the field of medical education where mobility between different countries and health systems is already an integral and essential part of medical school life across the continent and beyond.

The Project

IMS 2020 envisages the creation of a structural network of medical schools in Europe (and beyond) that will study, learn from and act upon the impact of 'internationalization' on the following three key issues:
- Quality Assurance
- Staff Training and Management
- Autonomy and Accountability.
Within the structural network the above issues will form three Task Forces, each with its own specific agenda and activities. The ultimate aim of these three Task Forces will be the creation of an "International Medical School" label with Europe-wide recognition which medical schools will be able to apply for. The label will eventually help to identify top international medical schools across Europe and beyond.

pinkdot IMS 2020 Standard Presentation [download .pdf]